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The Michigan Legislature recently approved a bill that will further limit consumer rights against insurance companies.  The State legislature can’t pass a bill to fix our winter damaged roads, but they find the time to pass this!?

Here is a “fictional,” but not far from the truth, lunch conversation between a Michigan Republican Senator and Michigan Republican State Representative:

State Senator:  “OMG, we have to get this Consumer Protection Bill Amendment passed!  If we don’t, a citizen might be able to sue an insurance company for benefits, even if his claim is over 10 years old!”

State  Rep:  “That’s terrible!  A citizen might actually get the money s/he deserves from an insurance company?! We have to work on that, day and night, until we pass it and it lands on Governor Snyder’s desk for a rubber stamp signature. By the way, what are we doing about all the potholes from this terrible winter we just had?”

State Senator:  “Well, I’ve only heard complaints from CITIZENS.  Until we hear from corporate interests that potholes are bad for BUSINESS, I say we do nothing. After all, auto repair shop business is BOOMING and these companies contribute a lot to my campaign.”

State Rep:  “Sounds good; enjoy your Martini.  BTW, we discussed State business; we can charge this lunch to the taxpayers.  God bless America!”

State Senator:  “Salud”

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company

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