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I had a rough night!  I forced myself upright, out of bed, as the alarm blared in the background.  Still, I know this will be a great day, Birds are singing and the sun is shining.   I take a shower and get dressed.  Looking at my watch there is no time to shave; I have an 8:30 meeting.  I grab my razor and cell phone. Passing through the kitchen, I see my wife made me a bagel with cream cheese.  I grab it and a banana off the counter, and stop at the pantry for a bottle of water. Heading for the door, I decide maybe I should take a napkin.  Ok, got the napkin.  It was a balancing act to the car, but I even managed to open the car door without dropping anything.  My juggling skills tell me it’s going to be a great day!

I pull out of the garage, close the door, and fly down the driveway.  Since it is summertime and the kids in my neighborhood don’t seem to get moving until after noon, I fly through the subdivision.  In an instant, a deer bolts in my path.  I swerve at the last instant.  That was close.

I reach the stop sign where my sub meets the main road. After a quick “pause”, I pull out barely missing another car.  I slam on the brakes; my breakfast and phone go flying.  I lean over to retrieve the items, but when I look up again, I am facing oncoming traffic, head-on.  I yank hard on the steering wheel and pull back into my lane. That was close.

Travelling along, I call the office to let them know I am on my way in case my client arrives.  When I look up, after dialing, traffic has stopped in front of me.  I slam on my brakes to avoid striking the car in front of me. My phone goes flying; the call is disconnected.  That was close.

I finally reach the highway; I am halfway to the office. As I increase my speed to merge onto the highway a car seems to appear out of nowhere.  I slam on the brakes; my razor and breakfast join my phone on the passenger side floor. What if the office calls back about my client?  I need my phone; I’m also getting hungry.  I lean over to retrieve all of my items off the floor.  I can barely see over the dashboard, but I got everything.  I take one bite of my bagel and a glob of cream cheese lands in my lap.  As I look down to wipe my shirt with a napkin, I swerve into the next lane barely missing another vehicle.  That was close.

I finish my bagel and banana, and take a swig of water.  That job done, I grab my razor. I am almost to the office, but I won’t have time once I arrive.  I begin shaving alternating looking at myself in the rear view and back to the road in front of me.  As I finish shaving, I get a text message. It could be my client, so I grab my phone.  I read the text. Then, I hear a sound of metal on metal; I hear screams that sound like they are coming from me.  This time it was more than close!  The last thing I remember is: This was going to be great day!

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.

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