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Three pedestrians are dead, in New Orleans, LA, after a tow truck driver lost control, veered into a shopping center parking lot, striking the three people in a crowd waiting at a bus stop. According to one of the truck drivers’ employers, the man “completely blacked out” as the result of a seizure. He was on his way to a drop off location for a car his was towing at the time. The truck driver and two others were transported to the hospital for injuries. The employer said that this was the man’s first seizure and that his disorder was not diagnosed until after the crash. According to New Orleans Police, the man has not been cited or arrested at this time. An investigation is ongoing.

The employer is arguing that this event is “a true accident,” and lawyers representing his company have already been in contact with the victims’ families. “We are sending our condolences out to the people who were hurt,” [he] said. “Every family or anyone that suffered anything from this tragedy is being taken care of. We’re going to make everything good, and we’re not running from anybody.” Meanwhile, here are some interesting facts that might prove otherwise:

  • Secretary of State records showed that the company had two registered owners; both names were removed a few hours after the crash.
  • The company is now registered to a completely different person.
  • By Tuesday, all calls made to the company’s listed phone number are going straight to voicemail.
  • The employer/owner’s name was also dropped from several other towing or auto businesses he apparently owns. Several of these operated under the same address, at some point.
  • Although a sign bearing the name of one of the company’s previously registered to the owner, a man occupying the home says he has never heard of the towing company or the “owner” of any towing company.

When confronted with his behavior, the employer/owner says he is not trying to evade scrutiny in the aftermath of the crash, but that he removed his name in order to shield his company and employees from retaliation by New Orleans residents.

Is this man seeking to avoid retaliation or avoid accountability? Did his ownership interest “disappear” to avoid collectability and/or personal responsibility in potential lawsuits? You be the judge.

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.

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