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“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” ~ Sir Walter Scott

American Association for Justice, CEO Linda Lipsen was a guest on the Ring of Fire radio show with Mike Papantonio as part of a show entitled, “The Web of Tort Reform.” Ms. Lipsen addressed the campaign, and discussed how corporations strategically work to undermine citizen’s rights of by limiting access to the civil justice system.

As referenced in the show, there is no shortage of examples when it comes to profits trumping safety – Toyota’s sudden acceleration, Blitz gas cans, BP oil spill, Pradaxa. These multi-billion dollar corporations continue to toss corporate responsibility and fairness to customers out the window; they continuously put innocent lives at risk and do whatever they can to avoid accountability. They tell lie upon lie creating a complex arrangement of false premised “brainwashing”, trying to convince injured citizens that incident’s are the citizens’ fault and not the corporation’s, that lawsuit payouts will hurt the business community more than it helps the injured victim. Assisting American business in achieving a solid bottom line can be a worthy endeavor, but what if you or your loved one is the person injured maimed or killed by their negligence or irresponsibility, malpractice or dangerously defective product or drug? Then what? The judicial system and the 7th Amendment would have given you a fighting chance, but now you are two times a victim, first to the wrongdoers and second to one of those civil justice reform groups that knowingly fed you misconceptions and now hide behind laws that restrict your right to sue and/or recover damages.

Why do our elected representatives, state and federal, keep handing out immunity to the very same corporations responsible for injuring and killing our citizens? Don’t we want accountability? Don’t we want safer products, fewer preventable injuries and deaths, a fair chance to obtain recourse? Don’t we want to take justice back?


  1. Gravatar for Vern Dennis

    Right - let's go ahead and elect more Diane Hathaways to public office - that'll ensure justice, right ?

  2. Vern: How is Diane Hathaway relevant to a discussion about restricting injured citizens' constitutional right to have their cases heard by a jury? Can't we say the same thing about every disgraced legislator who voted for a tort reform measure? Why is it OK with you that corporate profits are more important than civil justice in the eyes of many legislators? Hope you are never seriously injured and do not have to experience this "two times a victim" phenomenon.

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