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It is no surprise that so-called watch group “Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse” and its funding source, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are attacking lawsuit funding companies. This is part of their continuing crusade to make rich corporations richer by denying or restricting innocent victims’ access to the civil justice system. Theses groups continuously push lawmakers to impose strict regulations not only on the legal funding industry by on the entire civil justice system and the lawyers who seek compensation for victims of corporate negligence. Why, you ask? Because lawyers and legal finance companies help disabled, financially strapped, plaintiffs level the playing field against greedy corporations and insurance companies; lawyers and lawsuit funding companies empower innocent victims to fight for full and fair compensation.

The real predators are these phony, corporate interest watchdog groups, like “Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse”. Since the vast majority of the activities they complain about (abuses in our civil justice system) are perpetrated by the defense, it begs the question: What “abuse” are they against? They attack trial lawyers and funding companies, but those two industries merely try to seek fair compensation for victims. It is the corporations who unfairly delay proceedings, offer inadequate compensation, improperly deny coverage, conceal assets, lie, cheat and steal in a malicious attempt to preserve corporate assets and under-compensate victims of negligent corporate behavior. Their stated goal is to keep as many plaintiffs as possible out of our nation’s court room so that corporate profits are protected.

They prey on our weakest citizens; these are people who are struggling financially and more likely to accept their inadequate settlement offer. That is when the sharks come out to prey. Insurance companies and big business don’t want financially stable plaintiffs in the litigation game. God forbid a plaintiff should have the financial stability and time sufficient to fight for justice. “We can’t have that”, they say. “Someone who has the time and money to play in the same legal arena with us might actually get what he or she deserves and that would hit us where it hurts, in our most sensitive and precious private areas: Our pocketbooks!

As citizens, we can help seriously injured victims of corporate negligence fight this battle. We can support our local and national trial lawyer associations. We can educate ourselves to ignore the lies and distortions spread across the Internet by phony corporate interest groups disguised as “Citizens Against”. In tough economic times, quick but inadequate settlement offers from greedy corporations and insurance companies can be difficult to resist. Trial lawyers and lawsuit funding companies seek to promote, not deny justice. If you are seriously injured as the result of someone’s negligence, seek the services of an experienced trial lawyer. If you find yourself in need of financial assistance as you fight the battle for justice, lawsuit funding can be the “emergency funding account” that allows you to keep your home or you car and continue to fight for you rights. You don’t have to settle too early for too little compensation because of insurance company lawsuit abuse. A lawsuit cash advance is provided on a non-recourse basis; this means that the lawsuit funding company assumes all risks. If no money is recovered, the funding company is not repaid; not even the amount advanced. Funding is provided on case merits alone; credit checks and employment situations do not matter.

When a potential client contacts Lawsuit Financial, we clearly explain all terms and conditions, before a contract is executed. We advise that lawsuit funding should be used a last resort and only to pay absolute necessities, such as mortgage or car payments or for putting food on the family table. When a client applies, and is approved for a cash advance, we create an easy-to-read and understand contract with a comprehensive, bold print, fee schedule. A client should never enter into a lawsuit funding agreement without understanding all the terms and conditions. Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but it helps save assets and promotes justice. Can any of these “Citizens Against” groups say that?

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