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Eat a Plate of Poison?  Bon Appétit
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If I told you the food on your plate was sprayed with chemicals, would you eat it?  Well, then, stop eating, right now!

To make their foods cheaper to produce, longer lasting, and more appealing to the eye, America’s food companies have sacrificed our health and wellbeing. How? They’ve added the same chemicals you will find in cockroach spray, weed killer, a yoga mat, and much more.

In a recent headline making case and one that sparked massive class action/multi-district litigation, a school groundkeeper, who sprayed school grounds weekly with Roundup, Monsanto’s most popular product, was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  The Janitor, Dwayne Johnson, claimed Monsanto knew it’s weed killer caused cancer but sold it anyway. Worse, the company provided no warnings to the public. Johnson won the case and was awarded millions.

However, the issue is far greater than any single product or manufacturer. We are all exposed to this deadly poison—in fact, we eat it every day.  The main ingredient in Roundup, the carcinogen that caused Mr. Johnson’s cancer, is Glyphosate; it is found in our granola bars, Kellogg’s cereal, Cheez-it crackers, bread, Tropicana Orange Juice, Oreos and corn. You name the product; it contains Glyphosate.

Monsanto original herbicide formula was used as a chemical weapon.  Those of us old enough to remember the Vietnam war, remember Agent Orange.  21 million gallons of Agent Orange was dumped on Vietnam between 1961 and 1971; the country and its people are still experiencing its effects 3 generations later—dwarfism, missing limbs, twisted limbs, spindly legs, blindness, and gnarled backs.  Americans, who served their country in Vietnam, returned to this country after their service, afflicted with a variety of illnesses linked to Agent Orange exposure.  Today, medical research of Glyphosate suggests it may be an endocrine disruptor. The chemical has also been linkedto liver disease, birth defects and reproductive problems in laboratory animals.  Research also shows it may kill beneficial gut bacteria and damage the DNA in human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.

These days, Monsanto doesn’t just spray exorbitant amounts of glyphosate on crops; it manufactures genetically modified seeds to withstand higher amounts of the poisonous spray.  Monsanto has gone to great lengths to protect its secret. The company has conspired to discredit medical professionals and advocates who questioned the health of its product or attempted to expose the truth, fabricating its own research results, sending employees to get jobs for the FDA to ensure its products would continue to be approved for consumption.

Glyphosate has been banned in 19 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East.  Isn’t it time to ban it in America?


  1. Gravatar for Scientist

    Most of what you're claiming has been thoroughly debunked. Preying on the scientifically uneducated is morally reprehensible, even for a lawyer.

    You're an attorney, not a scientist, nor a farmer. You have zero qualification or credibility to speak on behalf of the hard-working scientists whose job it is to know these things. Perhaps you should learn to stay in your own lane.

  2. Gravatar for Jeff mowery
    Jeff mowery

    This dude is straight up lying. An attorney lying. Can you believe it? I can.

  3. Gravatar for Eric Bjerregaard
    Eric Bjerregaard

    AO and glyphosate are not the same. Not only does Monsanto not spray glyphosate, we farmers do, but there is no Monsanto.

  4. Gravatar for KK215

    This is an important article. These claims have been proven and people have a right to know what they are ingesting and feeding their families. Thank you for bringing this to light in this forum, and I wholeheartedly agree with your conclusions and call to action.

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