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Good Cap, Bad Cap

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In my world, the word “cap” invokes only bad thoughts of injustice, arbitrariness, corporate greed, political payoffs to make the rich richer, and one of protection for the wrongdoer. However, personal injury attorney, Virginia Drogo has come up with a whole different meaning, one that protects the victim.

Ms. Drogo got a call one day from a friend crying because her daughter was at a house party and someone slipped her a drug. I think you can guess the rest of the story. Virginia knew she could represent her friend in bringing a lawsuit against the homeowner for negligence, but knew prevention was more important than compensation. A few months later, the “Just Cap It” concept began.

Ms. Drogo created a “trendy” lid that fits over most glasses used in nightclubs, college bars and house party settings. Comprised of plastic and elastic, the lid is capable of stretching over a glass within a one inch diameter of its original position. It also comes with sayings on the top such as “Keep your drink in your view at all times” not only as a reminder to the potential victim, but to make the predator aware that the woman is aware of the problem of “date rape.” This “power of knowledge” is important in drawing a stark distinction between a good “cap” and a bad one.

“Just Cap It” is an example of what product defense can do; it puts safety first because Ms. Drogo believes “prevention is more important than compensation.” Blitz gas cans could have protected the public with a $1 flame arrestor; GM could have saved lives with a 57 cent fix to its faulty ignition switch. Think about all the lives changed because companies like these put profits over safety. Think about the number of lives potentially saved by a “Just Cap It” cap.

I never thought I would write in support of a “cap” of any kind. Usually, “caps” have very negative consequences for our citizens and their rights. Here, “caps” help to keep women safe and anyone who reads anything I write knows that I am all about safety. So, write it down: on Christmas Eve day, 2014, Mark Bello supported a “cap”! Will wonders never cease?

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.