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Police Warn Women to Beware of Plastic Hooks in Public Restrooms

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These look like normal plastic hooks for coats, purses or bags right?


Cameras located in hooks like these were recently found in three women’s restrooms, according to Florida Keys police. According to Lt. Alberto Ramirez with the Monroe County Sheriff Department, the public works department was doing a check of Anne’s Beach when they discovered a device mounted on the wall in one of the woman’s stalls. Investigators then found the same hooks with a hidden camera in the women’s restroom of a Circle K and at Harry Harris County Park in Tavernier. In each incident, the camera was aimed at the toilet.

All the devices found so far are about five inches tall. The motion-activated cameras have a built-in rechargeable battery and a small memory card. There is a very small hole in the top part of the hook’s base for the camera lens. Without careful examination, these hooks appear like any other plastic hook you might have in your home. The hooks found in all three locations are identical to devices sold through numerous online stores as “home security devices” at prices ranging from $13 to $50.

Although these cases and the investigation are focused mainly in Miami, women everywhere should report anything suspicious to local authorities. In addition, businesses, parks departments, or anyone with a public restroom on their property should closely check and monitor restrooms for the safety of patrons. If anything looks suspicious, don’t touch it. Contact local police immediately.

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