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If You Have Ever Left Your Wallet or Purse In The Car, Even For A Minute, You Must Read This!

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A Michigan woman parked and walked her child into daycare; it took about 10 minutes to get her child settled and say goodbye. Returning to her car, the woman found a window broken and her purse gone. The purse was later found at Kensington Metro Park along with several other handbags that had been stolen throughout metro Detroit, according to sheriff’s officials. Investigators believe a group called the “Felony Lane Gang” is behind the crimes.

The “Felony Lane Gang,” a nationwide burglary ring which originated in Florida and whose alleged M.O. is to prey on women who leave their purses in their car, has reportedly proven difficult to track down because their members frequently use rental or stolen cars and live in motels. The group is known for targeting parking lots of daycare centers, schools, the gym, and parks; places where women often leave their purses behind for a short time. That’s when the thieves strike, smashing a window with a “spring loaded punch” device, grabbing the goods – checks, identification, credit cards and debit cards, then making a quick getaway.

The gang earned their moniker because they will proceed to the bank (or pay a prostitute or homeless person), use the far lane (or ‘felony lane,’) from the bank teller and wearing some sort of disguise, often times matching the documents they have stolen. Soon, the victim’s bank account is dry.

Despite a series of criminal convictions , the crime wave has continued as  gang members roam the country and unaffiliated thieves follow their example. The “Felony Lane Gang” has currently been operating in at least 34 states. Meanwhile, everyone, especially women, is reminded to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle, not even for five minutes and not even if the car is locked. And, always be aware of your surroundings.

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.