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First-of-Its-Kind Museum Affects Us All!

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The American Museum of Tort Law opened Sept. 26. Why should the American people pay homage to this type of museum? Created by Ralph Nader, the museum seeks to increase citizen understanding of Tort Law – the law of wrongful injury – and the role it plays in punishing wrongdoers, compensating victims, and deterring future harm through the American civil justice system. “It relates to almost everybody’s daily experience. Who hasn’t been in a motor vehicle and watched a crash or been in a crash? Who hasn’t taken drugs, medicines? Who hasn’t been treated by a doctor or a hospital? Who hasn’t had their property damaged wrongfully?” said Nader.

The first law museum of any kind in this country, Nader hopes the museum will teach a new generation about the vital benefits of personal injury lawsuits and educate people about the hard-fought history of consumer protections that are under attack. It features exhibits about cases that attracted national attention, such as the exploding Ford Pintos and the scalding hot McDonald’s coffee case. There is even a dangerous toy room for kids.

Guests will learn about many famous and influential cases, the sequence of events, and the role of the jury through a series of interactive exhibits, mock trials, and its digital presence. Nader said some exhibits answer such questions such:

  • Why did the jury decide McDonald’s should pay, when the woman spilled hot coffee on herself?
  • How have these successful lawsuits made us all safer?
  • What would happen if we didn’t hold wrongdoers accountable?

Other exhibits include questions intended to make people think about how they would have handled certain cases.

It is time everyone learns the truth about these cases. Stella Liebeck was not driving when the hot coffee spilled; she sustained third-degree burns that put her in the hospital for eight days and caused permanent scarring; all she asked for was $20,000 to pay medical expenses, but McDonald’s refused. The Hot Coffee case, and others, send the same message to greedy corporations – it is cheaper to put safety first than inflict serious and permanent injuries on innocent people.

I hope my readers will visit this first-of-its-kind museum; I am sure you will leave with a better understanding of your legal rights and a new appreciation for some of the court battles that have made us all safer. It is time to stop corporate America from deceiving the public to ensure that we live in a world where the “little guy” still has a chance against big business.

The American Museum of Tort Law is in Nader’s hometown of Winsted, Connecticut, halfway between New York and Boston. I look forward to visiting the museum and encourage all my readers to do the same. Click here to learn more.

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.