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A Measured Conversation Between My Grandsons

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The following is a conversation between my two oldest grandsons, Jake, 6, and Micah, 5:

Jake: Popi loves me most.

Micah: Does not! He loves me most!

Jake: I’m bigger than you!

Micah: Yeah…bigger butt!

Jake: No, I’m taller, I have bigger hands and I have a bigger wee wee.

Micah: Do not! Want to have a peeing contest?

Jake: I am still Popi’s favorite.

Micah: Are not.

Jake: Am too.

Micah: Am not. I like blue and that is Popi’s favorite color.

Jake: I like red and blue. I like red right now, but I like blue, too. I’ve always liked blue. Popi knows that and he still loves me best.

Micah: Does not.

Jake: Does too.

Micah: Does not.

Jake:   Does too. Wanna jump around in the bouncy house?

Micah: Yeah!!!!


These two might run for president some day…