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Mark Bello

Are the Risks Too High For a Realistic Shot?

Lights, Camera, Action!  It was the first day of production for “Midnight Rider.”  The cameras were rolling for a dream sequence with a hospital bed placed over train tracks.  As a train approached the bridge, members of the production team […]

Mark Bello

How Safe Are The Workers Making Your Clothing?

Recently, more than 100 Bangladesh garment workers were killed in a fire due to unsafe conditions in the Tazreen Fashion Ltd. garment factory. Men and women working overtime on the production…

Mark Bello

Remember The Dead, But Fight For The Living

April 20, 2011 marked a year when workers were pushed to finish drilling faster than what some thought was safe, causing the BP well to spew 206 million gallons of oil, and thus, triggering the…

Mark Bello

Power Take-Off Shafts Can Be Deadly! A Workplace Fatality After Mechanics Arm Is Completely Severed

A mechanic was fatally injured on-the-job while performing a routine task he had performed on a daily basis. The man was pumping gas from one truck to another when his clothes were snagged by the…

Mark Bello

A Continuing Web of Misfortune Plagues Broadway

A web of misfortunate continues to loom over the Broadway production of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. In early November, I wrote about the risks to the stunt actors in this production and…

Mark Bello

Injured on the Job? You May be Entitled to More Than Just Workers' Compensation

A man fell thirty-five feet when the scaffolding he and a co-worker were standing on collapsed while working inside an empty water tower. The workers were removing rust from the inside of the tower…

Mark Bello

Workers Compensation as an Exclusive Remedy: A Recipe for Safety Disasters?

Florida, like most States, requires businesses to carry worker’s compensation; this is, usually, a no-fault system of compensation When an employee is injured on the job, regardless of…

Mark Bello

The Danger of Stunts on Motion Picture Sets

Part of the allure of going to movies at the theatre is to see big explosions, high-speed chases, and high-flying aerial tricks on the big screen. Movie makers try to create scenes that are as…