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Mark Bello

Let the Grilling Begin With Safely In Mind

There is nothing like grilling especially in the summer, but many forget to practice safe grilling habits. When this happens the results could be serious or deadly.

In mid-December, ESPN…

Mark Bello

West Fertilizer”s Inadequate Coverage Penalizes All Texas Citizens

As a plume of smoke rose, mangled debris covered what was once the home of the West Fertilizer Company in West, Texas. The plant exploded on April 17, 2013 killing fourteen people, injuring more…

Mark Bello

Slip and Fall Accidents Increase During the Holiday Season

Many slip and fall accidents are preventable, but some are not. Last December, a woman suffered a mild concussion, broken wrist, and fracture vertebrae after she slipped and fell on an icy…

Mark Bello

A New Public Warning for Vacationing Families

As our children grow up, we teach them about safety, including the dangers of electricity:

Don’t go near downed power lines.

Seek shelter whenever thunder or lightening is…

Mark Bello

Tragic Death of Texas Twins Refocuses Attention on Swimming Pool Safety

Today, I read an article that is a tragic reminder of how dangerous swimming pools can be, especially for young children. Four-year-old twin boys drowned in a backyard swimming pool within 15…

Mark Bello

Two Lawsuits Filed in Tent Collapse during St. Louis Storm

On April 28, a fast-moving storm whipped through St. Louis with little warning as hundreds of baseball fans celebrated a Cardinals victory at Kilroy’s Sports Bar near Busch Stadium….

Mark Bello

Are Popular Mud Runs Safe?

An investigation is underway in the death of a 30-year-old man who participated in the Fort Worth Mud Run last weekend. A Mud Run is a race with various obstacles such as rope climbing and…

Mark Bello

Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents this Winter

Slip and fall injuries can occur for many different reasons.

Failure to maintain the premise whether a private home, office complex, or retail store. The responsible party should…

Mark Bello

Fast Food Play Areas: A Shocking Discovery

An Arizona mother of four received a hand-delivered letter from a lawyer prohibiting her from entering eight Phoenix-area McDonald’s. She believes the letter resulted from allegations that she…

Mark Bello

Indiana State Fair Changes not expected before 2012 Fair Only Delaying Compensation for Victims

Workers have begun removing the wreckage from the stage that collapsed at the Indiana State Fair. The rigging will be moved to a warehouse for further investigations to determine with the stage…