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Mark Bello

Deadly Crash Brings Motorcycle Safety to Forefront during Motorcycle Safety Month

Because motorcyclists are more exposed and can easily be overlooked due to their size, it is probably no surprise that riders are inherently more vulnerable on our roadways than motor vehicle occupants. The reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times […]

Mark Bello

Motorcycling Season Is Here As Is the Rise In Fatal Accidents

Motorcyclists are put in danger regularly by negligent drivers who violate traffic laws, drive under the influence, or simply “do not see” the riders. This past weekend, in Michigan alone, shows how motorcycle accidents can be fatal for a rider. […]

Mark Bello

Becoming More Visible to Motorists

A man was killed after a car crossed the median of a North Carolina interstate and went through a guard rail before hitting his motorcycle. A motorcyclist was struck by a vehicle. An Orlando, Florida man driving a Lincoln Town […]

Mark Bello

Biker Groups Lobby Against Stricter Helmet Laws

Motorcyclist fatalities have more than doubled since mid 1990s. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that helmets saved 1,483 lives in 2009, and that another 732…

Mark Bello

Safety Reminders As Motorcyclists Hit the Roads

May kicks off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an initiative supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With temperatures on the rise and motorcyclists on the…

Mark Bello

Motorcycle Helmets can prevent a Traumatic Brain Injury

A man remains in a coma following a motorcycle accident on December 13. Apparently, traffic began to slow and the man could not stop before he rear-ended a vehicle in front of him. The…

Mark Bello

Contentious Lawsuit in Motorcycle Accident Heads to Sacramento Jury

A Sacramento Superior Court jury is attempting to decide who is responsible for a motorcycle accident that left a passenger with brain injuries – Harley-Davidson and one of its dealers or the…

Mark Bello

New York Motorcyclist Dies Fighting Against A Law That Could Have Saved His Life

Motorcycle helmets provide the best protection from head injury in the event of an accident, yet many riders continually protest state law requirements. A recent protest ride unfortunately ended in…

Mark Bello

Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

As we enter May, spring is a welcoming relief. It is also a time when motorcyclists are preparing for the open road, which is why May has been declared Motorcycle Safety Month.


Mark Bello

Study Suggests Helmets Reduce Risk of Brain, Spine Injuries

Opponents of motorcycle helmet laws might want to take a look at a new study suggesting that helmets will not only prevent death and serious injury to the head, but can also prevent cervical spine…