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Mark Bello

Olympus Duodenoscope Superbug: Tell Only when Asked

Last April, it was revealed that between 2010 and 2015 more than 41 hospitals worldwide reported bacterial infections linked to duodenoscopes, likely affecting 300 to 350 patients. The duodenoscope is a flexible long snake-like tube with a tiny camera on […]

Mark Bello

Bacterial Infections Prompt Two Lawsuits Against Hospital and Medical Device Manufacturer

Two lawsuits have been filed against York Hospital and LivaNova, the manufacturer of a medical device that was linked to a series of bacterial infections throughout southcentral Pennsylvania. Both suits are making defective design and failure-to-warn claims, among others, against LivaNova […]

Mark Bello

Innovative Heart Monitor May Replace Stethoscope

HeartBuds, a smartphone based stethoscope was developed by a group pf cardiologists at Orlando Health. The listening device resembles a regular stethoscope, but instead of the Y-shaped tube that feeds into the doctor’s ears, the device is connected to a […]

Mark Bello

Dr. Robot Assisting in Operating Rooms

Robots are constantly being explored in the operating room for their precision and minimal invasiveness. With the help of robotics, doctors are doing biopsies, removing tumors, and repairing valves. A pioneer of robotic surgery is the da Vinci® Si HD […]

Mark Bello

Quote of the Week: Bill Maher

Did you watch Real Time on HBO, last Friday? Bill Maher responded to the Donald Trump lawsuit filed against him. This joke of a lawsuit was featured in a post that I wrote on February 4th. Maher…

Mark Bello

Inspired to Deliver Solutions Restoring Patient Mobility or Increasing Company Profits

During the first DePuy ASR hip implant lawsuit trial, court documents revealed the Johnson & Johnson may have known for years that the ASR suffered from a design flaw that caused it to wear…