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Life-Saving Message for All of Us: Buckle-Up Every Time

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One teen is dead and another injured after a single-vehicle auto accident.  The accident occurred when the 17-year-old driver of a Chevy Camero lost control, crossed over the median into oncoming traffic, and struck an off-ramp retaining wall.  The driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was pronounced dead at the hospital.  His passenger suffered minor injuries.  An investigation continues into what happened behind the wheel, as well as looking at toxicology reports and whether or not the vehicle malfunctioned.

The teen passenger said they were on their way home from school when the vehicle began to go out of control.  He yelled to the driver to tap the breaks, but said his friend wasn’t responding to anything – almost as if he was unconscious.  It is unclear whether a medical condition played a role in this tragic accident.  Meanwhile, the passenger said he wonders how things may have been if his friend was wearing a seatbelt.

As stated by Capt. Adam Goldberg with the Northwest Fire District, “this incident is a very clear indication that the message of seatbelt use truly makes a difference in the potential outcomes of serious auto accidents. These outcomes can be the difference of life and death.”

While there is no way of knowing how injured the driver may have been had he been wearing a seatbelt, it is worth noting that the passenger who were belted in escaped with minor injuries.  Seatbelts continue to be the single most effective protection in auto accidents; airbags are not enough.  It is a well-known fact that wearing a seat belt greatly increases the chances of surviving a serious auto accident or avoiding serious and life-altering injuries. Yet, so many people – consciously or not – fail to buckle up when getting into a vehicle.  The decision is always yours; don’t take it lightly.  Make a conscious effort to buckle up each and every time you get in a motor vehicle.  Parents, teach your teens the importance of auto safety, how to protect themselves, and others.  Buckling up is an important, potentially life-saving, message for all of us.

Mark Bello has thirty-six years experience as a trial lawyer and fourteen years as an underwriter and situational analyst in the lawsuit funding industry. He is the owner and founder of Lawsuit Financial Corporation which helps provide cash flow solutions and consulting when necessities of life litigation funding is needed by a plaintiff involved in pending, personal injury, litigation. Bello is a Justice Pac member of the American Association for Justice, Sustaining and Justice Pac member of the Michigan Association for Justice, Member of Public Justice, Public Citizen, the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan and the Injury Board.