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A Violation of the Fourth Amendment or Necessary to Keep Roadways Safer?

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Despite a ban in most states on texting and talking on a handheld device while driving, cell phone use while on the road is still a problem. Concerned about the increased auto accidents linked to texting and talking while driving, New Jersey State Senator James Holzapfel (R) has proposed Bill S2783 which states:

“Whenever an operator of a motor vehicle has been involved in an accident resulting in death, bodily injury or property damage, a police officer may confiscate the operator’s hand-held wireless telephone if the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the operator was operating a hand-held wireless telephone while driving.”

If approved, police would be able to thumb through calls and texts in order to determine if the driver was guilty of distracted driving. No warrant would be required.

Motorists are mixed on the proposal. While some are in favor of the bill, others say it is an invasion of privacy. Still others say it is in violation of the Fourth Amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

This proposal could prompt other states to consider similar measures. Whether you live in New Jersey or not, what do you think? Do you think this bill is a valid way to determine if a driver is at fault? Is it an effective to fight against distracted driving? Does it violate one’s rights under the 4th Amendments? How would you vote?

1 Comment

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  1. Vern Dennis says:
    up arrow

    Another step on the road to serfdom, and totally unnecessary since the cell phone usage can be obtained from the cell phone service provider via subpeona if truly needed