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A Brush with Death!

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February 25 was a typically weekday morning for Dave Bieri, an elementary school principal. He was leaving the house at 7:30 a.m. first stopping for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, then on to work. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Shortly after leaving home, his cell phone fell on the passenger’s side floor. Without thinking, he leaned over to get it. Seconds later, Bieri slammed into a sanitation truck coming in the other direction. His Honda Civic was completely crushed; EMT crews had to rip off the car’s windshield to get him out. Bieri suffered a broken femur that shattered his pelvis; a broken tibia; seven broken ribs; torn ACL and PCL ligaments and a torn meniscus in his knee; a gashed head; a concussion; stretched nerves in his lower back; and a drop foot.

The 52-year-old principal spent 35 days at Geisinger Community Medical Center, 21 of them in the intensive care unit in a medically induced coma. The trauma to his body caused him to go into kidney failure, requiring several weeks of dialysis. An orthopedic surgical team basically rebuilt his body with rods, screws and plates. Next, he was transferred to a skilled nursing facility where he spent 60 days. Eight months and five surgeries later, he is still going through outpatient therapy. At some point, he will likely need surgery for a new knee and hip.

Bieri says his brush with death has inspired him to warn others about the dangers of distracted driving. “I don’t like notoriety,” he said. “But if I can prevent anyone from making the same mistake I did, it’ll be worth it.”

Safety advocates, businesses, and law enforcement officials cannot do it alone. In order to stop this serious, and often deadly behavior everyone must get involved because everyone is affected when drivers are distracted. Ask Dave Bieri; the risks are simply too high!

You can become a part of the solution and raise awareness of distracting driving by supporting organizations such as the Casey Feldman Foundation. You may want to even consider scheduling an EndDD presentation at a school, business or event in your community.

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.